Giving the Gift of Fitz and Floyd

Giving the Gift of Fitz and Floyd

It's a Gift that Will Start an Obsession

If you own a Fitz and Floyd ceramic piece, you already know it’s beautiful, but what about friends and family? Do they know? And wouldn’t they enjoy F&F, too? Giving a piece of Fitz and Floyd is not just a gift, it’s starting someone on a whole new love. If you’ve been hoarding these lovelies all to yourself, it’s time to start giving. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Weddings: I was in the houseware’s section of one of my favorite stores looking at the Fitz and Floyd Carissa Paisley Dinnerware when it hit me: these plates would make a perfect wedding gift. I love the way you can mix and match the Carissa Paisley pieces. There are plates with large paisley motifs, as well as small designs. There’s also a new plate with solid colors of blue, gold and white that make this dinnerware set even more indispensible.

Another great Fitz and Floyd dinnerware set for newlyweds is the Gourmet Whiteware. Can you say versatile because that’s what these wonderful dishes are. While Fitz and Floyd call them “casual” dishes, they’re elegant enough for formal dinners. The shapes are great, too.

Birthdays: There are so many choices of Fitz and Floyd to give for birthdays… the hard part is deciding just what! This may take a little “thinking,” but that’s what you should do before giving a gift to anyone, not to mention a whole world to gift-giving etiquette. Figure out what that person would really love. If it’s someone who already has a collection of cookie jars or salt and pepper shakers, then the choices are easy: a Chanteclair cookie jar or Glenbrook salt and pepper shakers (or any of the other great F&F selections).

However, if you just want to remember a special moment, the Fitz and Floyd Sentimental Tray collection might be the right choice. I love the Warm Wishes Sentiment tray. Of course, these are just a few ways to give Fitz and Floyd, but we’ll have to save the rest for another time.